Zev Hoover

Zev Hoover, from Natick, Massachusetts, calls himself Flickr Fiddle Oak, a game about the ‘little people’, which adequately describes the incredible images that make up his ‘miniature world’. In his fantastic pictures where people are digitally shrunk, acorns create great seats, popsicle sticks are the ideal size to build rafts, and paper airplanes are good means of transport. Zev told that while taking pictures with his camera, his 18-year-old older sister Nell was the mind behind the original concept of small people. “She’s sort of my crime partner,” she said, adding that she’s “more of a writer. Although Nell may have had the idea, Zev executes the images excellently, and her unique work has attracted the attention of professional photographers and designers.


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I belong to Jesus by Selah


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“Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You are a Girl)” is the title of the documentary about the Skateistan school in Afghanistan directed by Carol Dysinger who recently won the Oscar for best short documentary film. Already last year Bing Liu had tried it with the short film “Minding The Gap” which was nominated in the documentary category but this is the first time that a Skateboard film receives the honor of being awarded at the Oscars! Carol Dysinger has done an extraordinary job in showing the impact that Skateboarding can have in different cultures and social contexts.


Don Alberto Ravagnani

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Stefano Massini