October 06, 2019 is the date of the event that marked the history of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.
The multitude of pilgrims, coming from all over the world, who come to Jerusalem to retrace the stages of the Via Dolorosa, now stop and pray in front of new touching realistic representations of the Passion of Christ made in bronze.
Representations that have received the Holy Father’s blessing in the Vatican in the presence of the Custodes of the Holy Land.
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We are part of a Religious Order of the Catholic Church, the Order of Friars Minor, known as the Franciscans. Our founder, St. Francis of Assisi, at the beginning of the 13th century, moved by love for Christ the Poor and Crucified, went to the Middle East to “touch” those places that until today constitute an irreplaceable testimony of God’s revelation and His love for man. On that pilgrimage, despite the war of the Crusades, he met and dialogued in Damietta, Egypt, with Sultan Melek al-Kamel, whose government extended as far as the Holy Land. It was a peaceful meeting, which initiated the presence of the Franciscans in the Holy Land and also marked the style of our presence throughout the centuries, until today. This religious province of the Franciscan Order took the name of Custody of the Holy Land over time.